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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 13:41:13 -0400 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain on me, Chapter 12Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years of loli free japan age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists of lust, incest, passion, teenage romance, child naked loli interracial, love and all the rest of the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments about the story to Sum1pleZzCall911hotmail.com - Definition of Rain loli 16 sex \ r-an\ v 2: To bestow abundantlyRAIN ON loli hentai movie ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"We better lolitta porn sex get back home," I suddenly said, "I wonder if my father is worried. This whole time he could loli picture nude be waiting for me."Eric reached over and tried to pull off the shirt that I was wearing. He had the same puppy dog eyes that I had fallen in love with so long ago. He was almost begging, trying to keep me where I was. We were in Durkwood forest, just done making love in the open. I had given him something that I never gave anyone before. I gave him my ass. If he hadn't loved me before, I was sure now there was nothing else but dark lolits bbs love in his eyes. His mouth was pouted up, almost comedically but still so cute. He made me giggle like a little school kid who just found out his celebrity crush was coming to visit him."I need you here more," he begged, trying to pull me back down to the comfortable grass that we were laying on."We can come here another time," I said touching his face softly until he let go of my clothes.I knew that he was gonna follow me even before I had gotten up. We walked down towards the mall and then down towards the highway street. We made careful that on the trail from the mall to my house, we didn't go anywhere near his house. loli toplist cz I heard his brother was looking to beat lolit vids porn my ass for turning Eric into a fag. Eric said that he would kill his brother if he ever touched me. I doubted Eric would go so far, but was certain that no drama should come from this.Eric seemed to have gotten a little eager again. He kept rubbing on me while we were walking, putting his hand on my shoulder loli underage porn and doing little simple things that gave me the impression that he was horny. His caramel skin was rubbing against mine and he walked so close to me. It felt cute for a little while, but then I began to see all the eyes that were around us. The little loli free galeries town wasn't so small but people knew how japan loli image board to spread their word around. People weren't only glimpsing at us now, but they were glaring almost as though they hadn't seen too boys walking together kidz toplist loli before. I knew we were being too chinese loli doll suspicious.When we had gotten home, even more trouble seemed to brew. There was a smell in the house as I entered the front door. A sort of distant smell that at first I couldn't remember. It was vague and seemed so faint that Eric didn't notice. I stood at the doorstep. It was the smell that came off of Mr. Night. I was afraid all of imgboard list loli a sudden as loli japan pic I entered the house. I kept wondering what was gonna happen. That was why I turned immediately to Eric as we entered the front hallway."Don't do anything stupid.""Huh? Why would I do something stupid?"He looked confused and I just shoved it off. I led him down the hall now towards the middle kiddy loli underground room where Mr. Night was. I saw him first. He was standing by the door of the kitchen, leaning on the pedestal that once held a flower. The smell of expensive cologne mixed with cigar smoke. He was like a king in preteen russian lolit front of my doorstop. His evil stare was looking at me now. He had caught me staring at him with all my disgust. He had caught asian loli tgp me and yet seemed so dismissive. It was almost like he had gotten that look before! It was almost like he had gotten that look every single day of his life! He smiled back at me, a twisted crossed smile. I was so afraid of him...but I didn't know why. lolicon lolicon angels xxx Then I saw my father, Robbie and Robbie's friend Byron. Byron, Robbie's sidekick. He tried to baby me around just like Robbie tried to.My father came up to me and offered me a soda, "Damien. I was just talking to Mr. Night here.""Damien, he says he has a job for us!" Robbie said.I refused the soda and took a glimpse at Eric's face. I saw such anger in his eyes. He was looking at Mr. Night and then at Robbie, then at Byron. There were so many people in this room that he didn't like and that he didn't trust."A job?" I asked solemnly, as though hesitant.Robbie looked excited. He walked up beside me and put his beautiful head on my shoulder. He was trying to entice me as he had done so many times before."Its gonna be fun Damien, we working downtown."My father rose and drew next to me, "Mr. Night makes for good conversation. 20 dollars an hour to work at his clubs. I figure you guys loli nympho go to clubs all the time anyway, so loli extrem hardcore why not make money going to one?""Sir, do you know bbs collection loli art anything about this club?" Eric suddenly jumped in, asking my father.His voice was awkward. It was almost like it didn't belong in the room. I looked at young lolipop sex Robbie. He shot an annoyed look at Eric, fully showing his dislike for him."I assure you," Mr. Night said, slowly riding up off the pedestal and showing suave as he came to face Eric, "My club will offer these boys opportunity, money and respect. The hours are flexible and in most cases will be up to your own standards. My club hot preteen lolit is a very prestigious one. We are more like an organization. Now, Damien. Eric and Byron already signed some papers. How about you come along as well. If you want to quit, I'll just rip up the contract. Many people don't get this chance, but since I consider this household a friend."It seemed like the word money was all that was needed to catch Robbie and Byron's attention. My father was sort of interested but then again it didn't take long to convince him. I looked at Eric and wondered what he was thinking at the moment. I sounded suspicious that he wanted me to sign for the club thing so soon. Still, the idea of making money was more definite then Eric's distrust for Mr. Night's intentions. I intended to find out myself."Fine."I picked up his pen and began to look over the paper. Truthfully I didn't understand a thing on the paper. There were a lot of big words that were on the paper, making it so complex. I figured that my father brazilian bikini loli pics had read it and he encouraged me to sign, so I just signed my name on the X, trying to look like I had really gone korean loli bbs over the whole thing."When do I start?""Well I desperately need some help today. We have a young preteen loli model lot of VIPs. You can check out working conditions and learn the ropes. Can you make it tonight?"I paused and looked up at Eric. His blank expression was on."Sure we can make it," Robbie suddenly said, meaning that him, Byron and I would be at the club that night. I was confused, suddenly terrified. videos lolicon 3d I looked at my father's lack of understanding. lolicon nude models sex I knew that Mr. Night's club, the Syndicate, was an adult club. My lolit girls xxx father didn't even know that. He probably thought it was one of those high class clubs where the people were rich and stood around bored as hell, finding no other joy than to give tips to Father-loving bellboys.I didn't say pics lolitta anything. I agreed with it. Robbie shot me a dry look and lolite angels models Eric walked off into the den. I didn't see his face before he left but I knew that he was angry. Robbie came up to me and gave me a tight squeeze as soon as my father left to walk Mr. Night out of the room."I thought you were mad at me?" I asked him. "I am, but still!"Robbie was jumping up now making a fool out of his excitedness as Byron stood on the counter acting cool. I knew Robbie wouldn't have been so excited and looked so much like a BOBO if he didn't teen lolis trust everyone that saw him. imageboard pussy hentai lolicon I could see he was so happy about the job."Do you guys know what this means?!" model lolit he asked quickly."What?""The syndicate is so popular! The girls in the school are gonna trip!"I could see him loli girls standing there with his friend Byron. Robbie was always putting on a performance for attention. He was always trying to look so perfect. preteen loli fucking thumbs I admitted that Robbie knew how to make this new job to milk as much pussy from the girls as he possibly could. Still I wondered, driving my head down. Byron had an idea that underage loli kids he was gay, but did he truly know. Would it matter if I discussed it?"So you want this job 12yr naked hot loli for the girls?" I asked making him tilt his smile (just a little though)."Of course," He said and nonchalantly messed with Byron's hair, "And to spend time with my two best friends. We are gonna be the BIG BOYS in school."Byron was laughing again. I gave a laugh too, as though trying to include myself in the conversation like Robbie did. Robbie wanted me to be like him. He wanted me to milk my own personal looks to become popular and flaunt it. I didn't know if that was what I wanted."I'm not really into girls though."Total silence! They knew this, like everyone knew that few people were ever COMPLETELY straight. Robbie had fucked with a guy and so had Byron. They had never talked about it unless they were about to have it. They thought that it goth loli hentai was normal, just as long as no one fucked you in the ass or you didn't suck anyone's dick. They thought it was normal to have sex with a guy as long as you were doing the 'male' things. And again...their first rule was NEVER talk about it."Eric what the hell?" Robbie said, playing it off as though he free lolicon gallery didn't know, "I mean you can't just walk around saying things like that.""Its true."Byron pre lolias tgp let out a soft laugh, almost trying to cool off how exploited teen loli serious I was with it, "That clubhouse thing must have got to his head. Damien, don't say all that. You're gonna lose the ladies. What we do in the clubhouse...we keep in the clubhouse. You weren't even in your right mind.""So I'm not gay?" as though seeing what term he had in his mind to describe what I cyber loli pics was doing. Perhaps he thought I was bi...or just a freak like him and sex loli kids his clubhouse boys were..."Damien why are we talking about this?" Robbie asked sex lolit nude and started to walk away, but suddenly I stood.I had been thinking so much, been doing so much thinking. I was lolit porn links so confused. I had been comparing Robbie with Eric again. I had begun to see the differences in both of them. Together they would be the perfect man. Still, something held me on to the idea that loli models com there kinder loli preteen pics was a future for loli pedo pic me and Robbie, as well as one for Eric and I. Something inside of me wanted both of them. I needed to test him, to see if he would do what Eric did."Because earlier you told me that you loved me!" I suddenly cried out.I saw Byron looking at Robbie, with a confused and baffled look. I knew that Byron knew. There was so much secretness. Things that couldn't have been said, but top 10 loli when you did say it, it was almost like no one knew about it."Ok, maybe I should leave," Byron said, slowly beginning to get up."Why? lolits nn lolitta free You knew all along. That is why you got so mad about me having sex in the clubhouse. You were mad because you knew that your best friend had feelings for me."Byron sat back down, not saying anything. There was so much that seemed so awkward to interracial loli him. It was ok to him if Robbie loved me, just as long as it never interfered with their 'real' life. This life was the one that they would hide and deny. This was the romance that when very rare russian loli they fozya loli porn were men with kids, they wouldn't even remember existed. They had all did their share of fucking kid top incest lolits other guys, but they realized that talking about it means that it would become memorable and the issue would have to be faced."So now you don't love me?" I asked Robbie, looking at him sideways as though suddenly amazed, "Now since we are talking about it with your friend you don't love me? I know that you never talked to Byron about our relationship. Byron knows because he saw us. You two can never young lolitta xxx talk about it.Robbie went to me all of a sudden and dropped to his knees. I was confused at first wondering what he was doing and then all of a sudden, I saw his hands unbuckling me. He was quick with it too, all the while looking up at me. Byron was almost making a seizure jumping to his feet and running back while trying to find our what the hell Robbie was doing."Robbie!" I suddenly cried as I felt my zipper open, "My father could be coming back any minute.""No he won't. Him and Mr. Night both talk too much. They'll be there for a while. You want me to asian lolia show you that I love you. I will."He spread my legs a little and I wanted to push him away but couldn't. I was taking a stand all of a sudden and had become conquered. It wasn't a joke, he really loved me! He put lolity teen pussy his lips inside my pants and I shivered for a while. The feeling was crazy."EWwww, Robbie your gonna suck his dick. C`mon man, we can do your little feminine shit in the club house!" Byron cried as he looked through the door and back at the den seeing if someone was gonna lolittas archives come.I was shivering really now as I felt a warm tongue wrap around my dick. loli bbs livedoor Like lolia bbs illegal series a hand it pulled my dick out of my pants. The wet feeling began to devour my cock I leaned on the counter, trying to keep my cool. Robbie was so beautiful standing there. He was a pretty boy and he was used nude angels loli to having other people suck him off. Still, he looked the same sucking my dick. He had that great ego that said he knew what he was doing and he was a pro at it. He was conceited and that is what I loved so much about him.Robbie lifted up my dick and suck on my balls. loli fuck bbs He seemed to part it, getting between the two loli underwear tgp balls and licking my nut sack until it felt like a bowl of jell-O. My dick had gotten hard in only a second. He began to bob his head up and down as soon as I had gotten truly hard. He used his lips to sort of grip to pedo loli my dick, but the real action was in that tongue of his. It rampaged up and down my shaft as though there wasn't anything sweeter. He was moaning now and I was getting turned on cute little preteen loli by the short moans. I could feel his hands squeezing my legs, gripping onto them as though they were a safety harness. He moved up my thighs climbing, tenderly...slowly. I could feel his hands grinding on my lower body. So TENDER! It was as though he was making art or lolias worlds painting a sculpture. His lips glided slowly, trying to get every last emotion from it. He was hard like I tended to be or anxious like Eric. He was a smooth lover. It was almost like he had a lifetime to make love to me. It was in the middle of the day and daybreak outside. My gay, quickly jealous boyfriend was in the next room, my father by the door and his best friend going into a frantic panic about what was happening."Oh my god, I think Ur. old man is coming back?!" Byron called out, frantically leaning against the door so that his 13yo loli large lesbian anime girls loli (largest muscles ever for a guy his size) flexed by the door way, trying to completely conceal everything.Byron worried too much. He was always so full of worries.I had no worries on the other hand. Robbie was making me feel like a king as his head bobbed up and down my cock like there was no tomorrow. There was no mercy shown on me as he licked my pubic area, trying to get the essence into himself. His dark brown eyes looked up at me. I reached down at first caressed the face that made me feel so good and then ran my hands threw his soft, sable hair.I was cummin in no time, "Oh fuck I'm cummin! Dang, I could feel it! Uh-Here IT COMES! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYEAAAAAAAA!"I was sure that I had been too loud but it was quick because I was in shock as I looked down and saw littleloli fuck hardcore what Robbie was doing. He had begun to jerk me off and like a fountain, he drank up my cum as it poured out. He swallowed each drop, licking it and making huge gulps in his throat. elweb loli bbs list IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD.........HE"D DONE THE GREAT TABOO. He swallowed."He's coming!" Byron cried and ran back inside of the room.I jumped away from Robbie quickly and rolled onto my side, trying to shove my young teen nude loli dick between my pants. I heard the footsteps and then I heard Robbie frantically trying to clean up. We weren't too messy, but we hadn't been too careful. I had shoved my dick into my pants so quickly that I didn't realize that I hadn't completely cleaned it panty ass loli off! It was fast before I quickly sat down at the pretee loli dining room chair and saw my father walk in. He looked at me, a little confused and wondered but just gave me a short look."You guys need a ride to that club tonight?"I could feel the wet stain of cum clinging to my boxers. There was a scent of sperm in the room but it was so faint that unless u had smelled it many times, you wouldn't have recognized. I looked at Robbie. He wasn't facing my father. He was sort of facing the wall, acting like he was about to clean the kitchen. Byron was falling apart. His nervousness had made him start sweating making it clear to everyone that he loli bbs naturist story couldn't handle certain pressures. Everything was altogether uncomfortable. My father's long look and the long silence that followed after he asked his question. We all just sat there looking at one another and then at my father, then at the floor to clear our mind of what just happened.Robbie was the one who answered, "Ahhhh... no thanks. Byron has a car. He'll drive us.""Oh you have a car, Byron?""Uhh, uh what suh?""A car Byron. Do you have one?""Byron your Coupe!" Robbie chose to scream out somehow to remind him."Oh yea suh!" Byron replied.Byron took out his keys and stretched out his hand as though about to give my father the keys to his car. Robbie looked embarrassed and I could see his complexion change slightly. Everything that was happening hit him like a ton of bricks. Byron seemed a little foreign and contradicted by the strange things that went on in this house. I had become used to it. I sex lolit had known what a passion for someone can do to you. loli bbs links It had just believed that this small madness was just the beginning. This was only the beginning. I had allowed it to happen. I allowed Robbie to feel so much passion for me that there was nothing left. Robbie gave me a look. It was a cold look, almost like he was trying to get something out of me at the moment. He was almost trying to see how I felt at the moment, probably trying to find out what I felt about him now. I paused and looked blankly back at his speculating expression. "I don't want your keys Byron," my father preteen cum loli sex laughed and turned to me, as though trying to see what had been going on that got Byron so nervous. "Ughh...I'm gonna go to my room." I walked out of the room immediately, not loli girl naked waiting to see what my father was saying. I walked up through the stairs and into my room. The loneliness I suddenly felt was outrageous. I wanted to be with someone, but I didn't want to be with either of them. Robbie...Eric...I wanted to be with someone, but I wasn't sure who. There wasn't anything that was left when I got upstairs. I hadn't made a decision lolite forum guestbook and hadn't come to any conclusion. I japan loli site was just the same, confused. I looked in the mirror and stared at the figure that looked back. It was beautiful in its own way. It was mystical. It was alone. My eyes held promise that in a couple years they would be bagging with sadness. I had taken a hot shower. It had turned nighttime before I knew it. There was a darkness in the sky that engulfed it completely. I knew that it would be my first night at this new job. I sat in my room (now with Eric sitting on my bed watching as played with the clothes I laid out). I had gotten undressed in front of him until it was just my nude body standing in front of the mirror. I saw Eric watching me, the look in his eyes was the reason that bd company models loli I was so eager to undress in front of him. I looked in the mirror first looking at myself and then looking at him. He was staring right at my ass, watching me. He had no idea what had just happened a couple of hours ago. All he saw was a guy that he loved and that loved him back. All he saw was a shapely ass that could be his anytime he wanted. He was clueless. He was so beautiful in this light, as every moment he stared at me, I became like a painting. He licked his lips and slowly I could see him touching the side of his thigh as he leaned on my bed. We looked somewhat like brothers, our complexions both light (even though his was lighter than mine). Both of our eyes were squinting at one another in a sort of desire. My desire for him to be happy and his desire for my body. "You sure you wanna wear this?" he asked me loli foto sven new loli looking down at the all black outfit that was on my bed. "Why, what's wrong with it?" "Nothing, private lolit foto just that you look best in your birthday suit." It was a joke. I should have laughed and probably followed up with another joke. He should have laughed or at least smiled after he said the joke. Instead we just stared at each other, me looking in his eyes by the reflection of the mirror. I wasn't striking a pose in the mirror or trying to look sexy. I was just standing, my muscles trying not to flex, but water droplets went around each curb of my body creating a scene that only a handful had seen. He paused and then said, "You look so handsome when your wet. I wanna lick you dry." His flirting was funny, but as I stood I realized it. The beauty that I had seen so rarely hadn't come from when I was nude, but when I was wet. How I looked in the rain, how I looked in the shower. Water surrounded me and clutched on tightly. It didn't let me go. I felt the bed vibrate as Eric climbed off it. I could lolicon boys girls see the reflection of Eric coming up frm behind me. I thought he was gonna hand me a towel at first, but then I could just see him grab up against my waist. He pressed up against me, closer than he had ever gotten before. He wrapped his hands around me and leaned onto me so hard, that my ass had gotten flat onto his body. I began to softly moan as I felt him licking the back of my neck, licking the water off of my body as though I were candy. He sucked nudist lolite on my neck, lolit teen the same spot, and I knew that he was trying to give me a hickey. I could feel the intenseness and then noticed that where he was sucking would be clearly seen by everyone. "Mmmm, stop. Eric stop," I finally told him, "I gotta go to work. Can you hand me a towel." He turned around fully, seeming a little annoyed when he threw the towel at me. I caught the towel and wrapped it around my torso. I looked loli offhost to see the little look of annoyance grow into even bigger irritation when I hid my wet body from him. "What's wrong now?" I asked, knowing that he was going to whine about something that I didn't even mean to do. "Nothing!" he screamed at me, giving me a little chill. "Fine..." I went to the bed and picked up my boxers. loli tenns I slipped the boxers on quickly and then threw the towel onto the floor. I started to walk out of the room to the bathroom, and I knew he was following close behind me. I knew Eric would never hit me, not like Robbie did that one time, but Eric would try to physically force me to do something. "Why do you have to work in that job?" He whined as he followed me free lolia nudes into the bathroom, "Its not a club, it's a whore house!" "Shut up. I don't need this now." "YOUR NOT GOING!" Eric finally cried out and threw a towel onto my head. I turned to see his face full of anger. He was like he had been a couple of times. His eyes weren't full of jealousy, but sort of had an urge to protect. I had seen only my father get with me like this and that was even when I was way younger. I looked in Eric's face and tried to keep from getting too emotional. Emotional? Yes, I tried to stop from laughing and from crying. I just looked deep into his eyes and squinted, trying to get something from virgin girl lolicon them. "Its only a job," I told him, nearly whispering and then turned away. Eric didn't say anything after that moment. I didn't understand why. I expected him to follow me and blast at me a little, but instead, all he did was keep walking. He walked until he walked out of the room...out of the house and at that moment, the truth was I didn't care if he walked out of my life. Sometimes he was my friend, sometimes he was my lover and sometimes all Eric was, was a piece of yellow dick that lusted after me the same exact way I used to lust over him. I walked downstairs where I saw Robbie and Byron waiting for me in the living room. They were anxious. I could see the glimmer in their eyes and they look at the door and looked at me. We walked outside. The night was humid but black as coal. If not for the single light that hung outside our house entrance, I was sure the block would be completely black. I watched as Robbie opened the door for me and Byron busted out laughing at Robbie's silliness. Robbie laughed a little too but I played along and got into the backseat of the car. BYRON'S COUPE! It was the pride of Robbie's whole group of friends, the popular kids all loli porn movie envied Byron's convertible coupe. I knew that I could ride in it anytime with Robbie and Byron being so close, but I never expressed how much I wanted to. It was a secret passion. The car was a classic red two door Coupe. Its tint wasn't a mild red that was close to moron, but was a burning red full of intensity and vigor. Dis was the JUMP OFF! In all words I watched as Robbie free hardcore lolicon porn was in the front seat and he looked back at me. "Damien we about to do it big!" Byron called out and shook my palmed my whole head with his long extending arm. "Haha! Stop, you gonna make me look like crap on our first day working with superstars!" More laughter. I saw Byron push up the steering wheel and push the acceleration. Before I knew it we were on the Interstate highway going downtown. "Damien, when we get to the club, I want you to stay close to either porno lolite young me or Byron at all times," Robbie said, suspiciously, turning on the radio quick after as though not wanting me to respond. I didn't respond I just laid back and tried to keep from getting scarred as Byron began to race loli board through the maze of other cars going 85 on the highway. I had begun to see the big lolits preteen models buildings that lead into downtown, after only 20 minutes. The heavy breeze that came with convertibles were blocking my nostrils but either way I couldn't breath. I felt scared and anxious. They were the same emotion! I was going to my first job, a beautiful job and a dangerous job.
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